The therapy that not only gets you moving, but gets you dressed in the morning.

Occupational Therapy is a therapy which looks at supporting people remain independent in everyday tasks. An occupation isn't just work, it isn't just a job, but it is everything you do. From brushing your teeth to getting out of bed in the morning, to being able to do an online shop to sleeping - if it matters to the individual, it matters to me.

Occupations bring us meaning and purpose. Occupations create identity and motivate us to remain independent. 

Occupational Therapy looks at breaking tasks down, using activity analysis, occupational performance, and clinical reasoning to assess safety, functionality and efficacy. It uses play, washing, eating, work, leisure, social and spiritual activities as therapy.

An Occupational Therapist (OT) looks at grading, adaptive equipment, adapting the environment and tools involved to make the occupation more successful, achievable and functional.

Despite any illness, condition, disability or developmental delay - occupations matter.

I love the music video below - 'Waiting all night' by Rudimental. It shows how the guy went through rehab following a traumatic bike accident and loosing his leg. Therapy helped him to regain his skills and find meaning and purpose again. Occupations matter! Occupational Therapy enabled this guy to regain his independence and carry out his activities of daily living.

Find out how you or a loved one can benefit from Occupational Therapy: Independent Living Advice.

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