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Alpha-Stim and Occupational Therapy

You may be wondering why I, as a registered Occupational Therapist, use and promote the Alpha-Stim - a hand-held, non-invasive, non-addictive microcurrent and cranial electrotherapy stimulation device. Well, wonder no more!

As an occupational therapist, I fully believe in functional activities, I encourage people to engage in everyday activities of daily living, and I fully value the importance of remaining independent as long as possible.

Sometimes, people cannot carry out purposeful tasks which bring them meaning and life as they may have restrictions. Pain, fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety and depression can have a debilitating impact on your day to day life. From my professional and personal experience, I totally understand that. I know that each hour, each day, each task and activity that you can't achieve or do, knocks you back. It knocks your confidence, affects your mood and is almost a vicious 'catch-22'. That's where the Alpha-Stim comes in.

The Alpha-Stim is used to treat pain, depression, fatigue, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia symptoms and insomnia. It can be used to treat acute, chronic and post-operative pain. It works by using a unique electric waveform to transfer into the body; our body sends 98% of it's signals by electrical current. The Alpha-Stim helps 'normalize' the body's natural waveform and circadian rhythm.

The Alpha-Stim can be worn anywhere and everywhere. It's a hand-held, lightweight device which is really simple to use. Some people feel results instantly, others feel it progressively. It works on a cumulative level and has very minimal side effects. You cannot overdose on the Alpha-Stim, you can wear it as little or as much as you like. As well as reducing pain, it can make you feel more alert, less lethargic, calm and relaxed. The Alpha-Stim puts you back in control.

When you know you're going to have a 'busy' day or are going to face a more stressful or overwhelming situation; if you've woken up in pain; if you've returned from a long day of work, or have just put the children down for their afternoon nap - you can 'put on' the Alpha-Stim wherever you are, for as a little as 20 minutes. I love it.

It's so portable, I can carry the Alpha-Stim in my handbag, or my little ones nappy bag. If I don't have time to put it on in the morning, I'll have it on in the car, or during nap time. I no longer need to wear it everyday, maybe just a few times a week depending on the level of demand during the week. I achieve more when I've worn the Alpha-Stim and I definitely notice when I haven't worn it for a few days.

The Alpha-Stim allows me to carry on with my occupations. It allows me to have more of an awareness of my body and increases my occupational performance. Still using the skills of Occupational Therapy to pace my day, adapt activities, tasks and the environment to suit my needs, the Alpha-Stim helps ease that bite of pain, ease any tension and it gives me that wave of motivation and energy needed to initiate and persevere my day.

Combining the skills and principles of Occupational Therapy with the benefits of the Alpha-Stim, it makes a sustainable, realistic and achievable approach to rehab, recovery and regaining independence.

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