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Pain Management - is it possible?

Yes! I have finally got round to putting a blog together to discuss the different forms of Micro-current Electrotherapy (MCT) I use for pain management. People ask me all the time how I manage my pain, and how I manage to carry out 'normal' activities of daily living. Well, in this blog I will discuss the PainMaster, PainMaster for Women, and the Alpha-Stim. I am sure that they can help you too!

Please note, there are other pain management treatments available. I don't solely rely on MCT to treat pain. I believe in a holistic approach to healthcare. Please see other recommendations on my website, or get in touch to discuss other options. Please speak to a health professional before using MCT.


  • Safe, Simple, Effective, Drug-Free Pain Relief.

  • Specifically recommended for back pain, muscular aches and pain, continuous and occasional/acute pain.

  • PainMaster conveniently goes everywhere you go, for day after day effective treatment.

  • Internal power supply allows up to 300 continuous hours of use without side effects.

  • Really lightweight and simple to use. Easy application sticky patches, small battery, no buttons or controls. So simple!

  • Affordable drug-free, non-addictive pain relief.

Why use MCT to treat pain?

  • Delivers a natural restorative, unique current directly to the source of pain

  • Uses a unique waveform of MCT to penetrate inflamed cells, restoring the essential blood supply, removes cell waste and brings direct pain relief.

  • Low frequency MCT, set at 1HZ, therefore it cannot be felt.

  • MCT is not a pain blocker, unlike a TENS.

  • It can be used for 2-4 days continuously at a time.

  • Doesn’t necessarily need to be removed to sleep or for showering as it is waterproof.

  • Can be reapplied multiple times to different areas of the body.

  • Cumulative effect

  • You can wear 2-3 patches over the body at the same time to target different areas of pain.

PainMaster for Women

  • All the same benefits and recommendations as the

PainMaster original

  • Ergonomically designed to specifically help treat menstrual pain

  • Slightly bigger, oval shaped patches to attach better on the front of the stomach

  • Pack comes with one battery and x2 pairs of patches for multiple use.

Examples of where to apply MCT self-adhesive electrodes:

Please note: It is recommended that the PainMaster and Alpha-Stim are NOT to be used by people who have a pacemaker, who are pregnant, children under 12, or those who use transdermal pain delivery patches. It is also not to be used on the front of the neck or on the head/face. However, there are parts of the Alpha-Stim that can be used on the head and sinuses to treat migraines, tension and sinus relief. Please speak to a Alpha-Stem Practitioner before attempting yourself. People with sensitive skin or who are allergic to bandages should use the self-adhesive electrodes with caution and discontinue use if soreness or rashes occur.


  • The PainMasters use the same MCT technology as the Alpha-Stim. Here we are talking about the Alpha-Stim M. There is also an Alpha-Stim AID, which only offers Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) via ear-clips.

  • However, PainMasters are initially a cheaper, simpler, smaller hand-held device than the Alpha-Stim.

  • The PainMasters are a good introduction to assess whether MCT helps, before investing in an Alpha-Stim for long-term pain relief.

This is the unique waveform that the Alpha-Stim uses:

Benefits of the Alpha-Stim

  • Safe, Simple, Effective, Drug-Free Pain Relief

  • Non-addictive

  • Used to treat acute, chronic and post-traumatic pain

  • Unlike the PainMasters, it can be used to treat pain plus anxiety, depression, insomnia and fibromyalgia symptoms

  • Cumulative effect

  • More cost-efficient long-term

  • Hand-held, clip-on device or can apply lanyard to discreetly use around neck or on/under clothes

  • Battery operated - able to replace with x2 AA batteries

  • 5 year warranty on device

  • Clinically proven with extensive research

  • Expert support

  • Can alter frequency and intensity of MCT (0-6HZ) to target and focus on specific areas of pain

  • Comes with x2 pairs of self-adhesive electrodes (pain patches), a pair of probes and ear-clips (for CES)

  • Multi-person use - comes with replacement pads for ear-clips, probes and you can order replacement patches, additional wires and Alpha Conducting Solution.

  • 60 Day money back guarantee*

* see for full T&Cs

Read more about the Alpha-Stim here.

It is recommended that you speak to qualified Alpha-Stim Practitioner before using any of the above mentioned MCT pain relief devices. Contact Gemma for more information.

As you can see below, (and I may have mentioned it a few times!) I use MET a few times a week to help manage my pain. I would generally switch between the PainMaster and the Alpha-Stim depending on the type of pain (acute or chronic) and whether I have other symptoms. For example, I would wear the PainMaster for a few hours to ease the edge off of sharp, achey pain following a difficult day, workout or swim etc. I'd also use it for the first few days during 'the time of the month'! The Alpha-Stim, however, I would mainly use the CES function as a preventative a few times a week, to ease anxiety, low mood, fatigue, exhaustion, prevent fibro-fog and help with memory and concentration. I also love using the probes on a high setting to 'zap' and target specific points of chronic pain, i.e. for tendonitis pain in the wrists, or tension in the neck. The PainMaster is much more discreet, with less wires, so I could easily wear it chasing my little one around soft-play, without it getting in the way, getting caught or even seen. However, for a more cumulative and significant relief from chronic pain and other fibromyalgia symptoms, I would use the Alpha-Stim. Normally I would use the MET function on the Alpha-Stim to specifically target painful areas for a few minutes, then I would follow that treatment by 20-60 minutes of CES :).

For more information, get in touch for a FREE 10 minute consultation to see how MCT could help you relieve pain TODAY!

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