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I always want to improve and learn from others. Take a look below at what my former clients have to say about their GLK Occupational Therapy experiences.

man 5

"A fab service by Gemma, nothing was too much trouble and she was keen to see us quickly. I would recommend this company."

Parent of Alpha-Stim Client

man 8

"This really works doesn't it? I feel so much lighter and way less stressed."

Anonymous Alpha-Stim User

man 9

"Unfortunately it's just too expensive, but I feel amazing after using it!"

Alpha-Stim user for Anxiety

woman 13

"I’ve actually been in happy tears tonight as this little machine (Alpha-Stim) gave me relief from the terrible shoulder pain I get!

My husband reckons I’ve been calmer, less stressed and generally brighter and I must admit to feeling ‘lighter’. I’ve barely pulled my hair or chewed my mouth since starting with it! I also reckon I’ve probably taken less than a quarter of the paracetamol that I normally would."

Alpha-Stim User after a few days treatment and hire